How to the rig the votes for SaiGAR

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Okay everyone wants to know how to fix the votes so that your favorite character will win, first off SaiGAR doesn't know shit about securing these matches, he promised you that he would stop the cheating after the Kino one (Which was rigged) but he lied because you can still do it and I'll show you how..The reason I'm telling people this because it's pretty boring when you keep voting for the GL characters (One of them are going to win SaiGAR anyway) but this is what you do, first you need to download a program that changes your whole IP then just for a website, go to a torrent site and download "Hide IP Platinum edition", after you download and install the program,then wait until you recieve your code and go back to the voting part
then as you pick the person and cast the vote, go back to the voting section again and pull out the Hide IP Platinum, then go to setting and click change IP and wait until the world icon changes, then go back to the voting page and click cast vote again then Surprise! You just did two votes in under 3 minutes. You might say "We'll how the hell can you do this when the site requires you to the have the same IP address to use your code?", you see the Hide IP program uses a Masking sever that causes you to hide your IP as you vote again, so as you make more votes, the voting program doesn't view the IP and believes that it's nothing so it just allows the votes. If you don't believe me, do it yourself. Enjoy SaiProxy!