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W, you're obviously pretty new to the whole 'Japan' thing and are spewing a lot of typical rumours with barely any truth behind them. Sexual activity is frowned upon, panty dispensors contain CLEAN underwear for those who... need a change. I can only imagine it's how you get out of a tricky situation during that time of the month, and if so, I wouldn't mind some of those in the UK for some peace of mind. There's a lot of anime made for adults, old people, young people - people of every age.A lot of the stuff becoming available on the internet are more aimed at the type of people who will buy incredibly expensive DVDs to support a show they like and are shown on television at one in the morning.

Lately many companies have tried to cater to the tastes of what we'd call 'nerds' - Lucky Star is an example of this. There are popular themes and factors that can make a show succeed with a fanbase - an exotic wolf girl being one of them.

May be it's a difference of opinion, but I think your reviews and comments could be better thought-out. Afterall, Hentai fans or Yaoi fans may answer 'why do you watch that?' with 'because it's pretty damn funny'.

Trust me, I just finished watching the first episode of a BL series based on a dating sim for girls. The plot and pacing were a mess; the characters ridiculously unrealistic and fulfilling each popular stereotype; one of the main characters burst into song suddenly, angsted about a tree to flashbacks of his mum deserting him as a child, then stripped and cried in magical insta-rain with a sparkly close-up panning from his slightly-exposed chest to his face. W. T. F.

I lol'd, that's what mattered to me.

Wait wut?