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The book of life written in blood
Lies in the hands of the lord of the world of war
This lasting winter could the dying endure
Still calling the wolves when wounded

The sword doesn't heal the forests' wounds
What is written is undone by blood
Hearken to the echoes of warcries
The opposing shore will not wait for the dawn

Clay from the earth, ash from the sky
Offerings of the burnt soil from flames
Waves from the sea, drops from the sky
To calm the spirits of fire

No one has looked at us from above
The scourge has ripped through the clouds
Race of rats on the deck of the world
Grudge flames in the eyes of the prey

When the west casts a shadow on east
Whilst a poisoned mind desires glory
Which was born of ice is now driven into fire
The firemakers all drowned in black

No man will say he sees the coming
No man will say he fears

Splinter your axes against the rocks
Hang your heads and kneel
Shed your skin to reveal your flesh
Wallow in shame to sacrifice your kin

The will of man like iron unbent
Who was created flawless may hang his head
He fears, but will die fighting
In honour of gods he has never known

The victor must wait for his moment
To cast his words into the wind
Rarely the mountais do move
Even the strongest won't shift them alone

Your flame is ablaze but once
Behold as it wanes to veil the earth in ash
Last sparkles die out in the depths of cold
Death itself you may invite to find and fan them

And so you shall weep, for the somber guest in your stay
Spreads its wings over your beautiful life
Blowing it out with one single breath