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>Tatarigoroshi-hen (祟殺し編, Curse Killing Chapter)
># The corpse that you saw was not Satoshi - get over this idea already. If people have paid attention to the TIPS, you would've known that it was Mamiya Rina and saved you from wasting time in formulating weird hypotheses.
># Since his bitch was dead, Houjou Teppei (Satoko's abusive uncle) had to return to Hinamizawa since he has no social skills whatsoever other than extortion and living off of other people's money. He is technically the guardian of Satoko, so he brings her back in to treat her as his personal slave.
># It is assumed that the abuse Satoko endured included some sort of sexual abuse as well

That's cool, so unlike the tamer anime version, apparently in the games they have game TIPS that suggest "further abuses" than just beating the crap out of her.

Awesome, I'll grab my Japo dictionary and start playing the games now. I like my cute little Satoko this way.