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Kaiji 17 release-- oh wait, never mind.

Locate the lies:

a. I heard that the Triad is releasing episodes 17 and 18 together in September of 2009 post A.D./C.E.
b. I heard that Triad wasn't going to release 17 until there were 17000 reads of this thread.
c. I heard that Triad wasn't going to release Kaiji untill there were 300 posts here.
d. This is all a conspiracy. This is all NHK's doing.
e. some things ppl say r funny
f. If the comments keep coming like this every week, episode 26 will have 228975 comments
g. Gunslinger girl il teatrino four was released with a cyclic redundancy check output of ee nine bee four seven one six two and a size of one hundred and eighty three million three hundred and thirty thousand nine hundred and ninety two bytes
h. Hehe, maybe Triad will wait until the series is finished and then we'll get a blast of 17-26 zawazawa goodness all at once.
i. <LordBrian> it is a show of benevolence <LordBrian> like tonegawa TRIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD
j. Oh my God. They weren't kidding about September.
l. This is the greatest day of my life.
m. <LordBrian> we should name the file Kaiji 17 <LordBrian> WHOOPS
n. Kaiji 17 will be released in A.D. 2101.

P.S. IRC Release only right now because scarywater is being gay.

P.P.S. Comments are fixed, but continue to troll at #the-triad @!

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