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Bachoun Dokanai.

1. Guy who suicided in episode 14 against Teppelin. Miraculously survived the incident, was picked up 4 days after the battle and took 6 months to recover.
2. In honor of his bravery, Bachoun was offered a government position upon his recovery, but he declined, since he felt responsible for setting the example that got so many of his village kinsman killed. Dokanai was a poor, miserable place and it was the love of the men to fight for what they believed in. Bachoun wanted to raise money to better his village.
3. Bachoun first went into business as a Dai-Gun shipper, transporting goods around Kamina City (or the soon to be made Kamina City) for construction purposes. He jumped in front of one of his own trucks to save an old woman who would have been hit, and went to the hospital for another 6 months. While he recovered, the ban on Gunmen and Dai-Guns were enabled, driving him out of business.
3. Bachoun tried his hand at a new business, selling Cricket Corn, a village specialty. Though Cricket Corn looks nasty, it is actually very healthy and tasty. Bachoun was very successful at first, opening 30 stores around the world. But then the Chief of Jiiha opened his Pig-Mole restaurant, which gave sufficient competition. When the Chief started promoting his restaurant as the food Kamina and Simon ate, Bachoun lost all his business and ended up in debt.
4. Homeless, Bachoun lived on the streets of Kamina City and got involved in the riot we saw in 18. He was angry at Simon for his problems, but suddenly realized that he wouldn't have even got there had Simon not won the war - his village would still be poor and the world oppressed. So he tried to calm the crowd, but they wouldn't stop, and was (presumably) killed by Kamina's statue falling as he valiantly tried to stop the riot from tearing it down. The records of his history end here.