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Hey guys! I;m Marry-Me-Dizzy! In case you're wondering, that's Dizzy from Guilty Gear! I'm sure you can tell I like her! So kawaii, I wish she loved me as I much as I do her! ^_^

Anyways, I got into art school, so things are going great for me! I can finally perfect my anime style drawing! That'll show my parents, those bakas!

Now I know my name might make you think I'm some kind of sissy, but that's not true! I like hardcore things like Gurran Laggan! This is the beginning of one of my drawings! I can't wait to finish it! I also like awesome things like Persona 3, Metallica, and FF8! I wish I could be in a love story like Squall and Rinoa O_O

Anyways, come check out my Deviantart page! I have lots of cool anime stuff that you guys like that I saw on Adult Swim. (no Toonami, I'm not a kid lol) It'd be really nice if people commented on them.

So yeah, all of you Deviants posting here, come be my friend! I'm also a close personal friend with Miko, aka Ironshrinemaiden, who is the best artist ever and you must like, especially if you visit /TG/! <--my deviantart, in case you couldn't find it