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Finally, back from ban. And now, something I've been wanting to get off my chest.

What the fuck, Okawari. What the fuck.

I was really holding out on this one, really hoping it would get better. Not going to happen. I think it comes down to one problem. Other than not being funny. In the first season, for the most part, each episode focused on one sister and her circle of friends. Of course things got a little complicated with Mako-chan and Touma, but still.

Every episode of Okawari features all the sisters, and all of their friends. So the writers have to come up with completely bullshit scenarios so that each and every dumbass friend gets screen time.

The funny thing is that it's like the writers know the only funny thing about this show these days is the random Hosaka cameos. Yet he hasn't gotten his own episode, or done anything for more than 2 minutes.

tl;dr shit sux.