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Why do people like haruhi, /a/?

I wish my friends would actually explain what they think is so great about it other than "lol I loev HA-RU-HE." It has no depth, as it force feeds you "lol this shit happens because haruhi is actually god." It has a generic Rei, big breasted fan service girl, gay guy, and side character classmates who rarely show up. So, it is pretty much just a dumbed down evangelion with stupid shit tacked on like being a time travler, alien, ESPer ect.

The first episode is just gimmick to get you to watch, while the rest was more boring than a slice-of-life series, or even the first season of dot hack. And I enjoy slice-of-life.

And honestly, the fanbase is all focused on either yuki, haruhi abuse, or gay sex. Everyone seems to ignore how awful the story was and puts all their attention on the generic+1 characters.