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Well, CLANNAD is squarely out of the Key part of the story, or at least it seems so. Episode 15 was extremely enjoyable and really helped demonstrate how far the show itself, as well as its character, has come since the beginning. Nagisa’s little monologue in the middle there pretty much summed it up.

Anyway, after this episode, we finally know how Kyo-Ani is going to pull off all of the remaining routes: by combining them into one super route! I like to call it… the CLANNADGASM. The love polygon that ensues next episode should be interesting to watch… even if it doesn’t last very long, it’ll be something new for a Kyo-Ani Key adaptation.

Kotomi’s route was good, but this episode really reminded me why I love this show so much. The latter half of it is going to be absolutely astounding, and I can’t wait to watch it all!