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It always looked to me like Cartoon Network used anime to get their foot in the door with fans,then slowly replaced the programs with their own.That is my opinion,though.It's just what I have seen over the years.CN wasn't really noteworthy(back in the day)until they got their hands on anime.There really needs to be an anime channel,thats available to everyone.Anime would take away some of these other depressing shows.Is there some strange demand still,for Tom and Jerry?I think some dinosaurs infield,are holding anime back.IMO.

Then again I also understand that Cartoon network displays,"Cartoons" and not Anime.

Cartoons that are full of morals,shows that you can watch in any order and not get lost.Shows that begin and end in the same episode.
Shows that don't enlighten,but rather mindlessly entertain.CN started with these and will not let then go.Sadly.

I don't associate Anime with Cartoons,the differences are just too great.On the rating situation,Adult swim does post some ratings late at night.I don't think these should be taken seriously though.