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today I was talking to some weeaboos that I met yesterday about animu. They were two girls and one guy. The guy was incredibly annoying and an actual wapanese/japanophile. Seriously. He likes Megatokyo and Naruto and throws around the word "random" a lot. He tried to flaunt what little power level he had by saying he started watching an anime that came out yesterday (some shounen about high school students who hate each other and they fight some guy with a wooden sword who whipped whoever he was fighting with a cloth... the main characters sounded very cliche, cloned from Bleach) I decided to take him under my wing, I gave him a list of instructions in order to become less annoying and get a better taste in anime, I'll spare you guys the list

the guy brought up DNangel or Dot Hack or something and one of the girls said that they didn't like all the pedo-ness of it and continued on to say it was "because it was girl pedo-ness... which is bad." I said "Oh you want a pedo anime? Why don't you watch Kodomo no Jikan?"

that's pretty much it.