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Which is why....

"Are you saying that you will kill Nanoha? With your very own hands?"

"That's right. I've been waiting just for this chance. A chance that's almost zero. But I gambled on that. If I hadn't thought of that, I wouldn't have been able to tolerate myself. Putting my hopes on just that moment. I was able to continue being a Wolkenritter."

"....That won't work, Signum. You already exist as a Wolkenritter. It's already too late. At this point, killing an Takamachi Nanoha before she becomes a hero won't mean you'll disappear."

"Perhaps. But it's still possible. Revision of the past probably won't be enough, but if I killed her with my own hands, the paradoxes will become larger. Should the distortion be big enough, it just might be possible for the Blazing Flame General to be annihilated."

"And one more thing, Testarossa. I put up with being a Wolkenritter just for this one moment. I'm not looking for results, not anymore. This is my way of throwing all of my misery at the stupidity of a girl named Takamachi Nanoha, who ended up a clown at the end of her idiotic utopia."