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Soup /a/, I’m in kind of a unique situation, and I have no idea what to do.
I’ve had many group of friends in my life, and they’ve always been nice to me, but I always felt somehow left out. They would never be overtly mean or anything, my friends would always even pay special attention to me. It’s just that I never feel like part of “the group.” Like when I would walk in the room, the conversation would just stop. This has been going on since I was about 12, and I’m 21 now, and it’s still happening.

So anyway, this last month I met up with a bunch of old friends from middle/high school on college break. It was the same thing. They would individually pay special attention to me, but in a group It felt like I stuck out. Well, I confronted one of my friends about it when we were alone, and he said he would tell me later. I was shocked, because he admitted that it wasn’t all in my head. So we met up later, and in a nutshell, he tells me “All of them want to have sex with you.” I thought he was kidding until he expanded upon that. All my friends are older than me, some as much as 10 years, they would always pick me up from behind, wrestle me to the ground for no reason, “donkey knee” me, try to get me to hang out with them without the other guys there, always freakin touching me for some reason. At this point I was shocked and disgusted, because I realized that almost all the friends I’ve ever had have been like that. At this point I’m wondering if I’ve ever had a friend who actually was hanging out with me because I was fun to be with.

story from pic is similar