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>I have to say though, the spelling of a name can hardly be considered "wrong". If the
>Tohsaka family wants their name romanized that way, who's to say it's wrong? People
>intentionally mispell their names all the time.

We are. Toosakas' family name is 遠坂, and that's what they use and care about. Any romanisation is not for their use, they don't actually care about any propriety of it, nor are they qualified to make decisions in this regard, not being the ones who ultimately employ the product of romanisation. This is further aggravated by the fact that most Japanese are taught retarded romanisations schemes that are more "correct" from their (ie. non-users) POV, but make no fucking sense for any of the actual users (ie. us), and their tendency to throw in gratitious Engrish / roman letters for no reason other than the cool factor. Were it meticulously researched and justified by the copyright holder, you'd be able to argue about it, but as it stands, their usage is no more of a paragon of proper use than the upside-down kanji ricers are so fond of on their cars.