NicoNico Memes

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Hey /a/,

There's a lot of fun stuff that goes on at niconico, but its very meme oriented. SZS opening parodies were the fad a couple months ago, and now something else is.

Here's a very new meme: a crazy funny song that's ripping through niconico at lightning speed called Danjo (男女). It's about how to arrange the seating order in a classroom where the number of girls and boys is uneven.

The original video:

Here's the best of the parodies, with new ones popping up every minute:

Idolmaster Xenoglossia:
One Piece:
Prince of Tennis:
Gurren Lagann:
Gundam 00: (hilarious)
Death Note:
Rozen Maiden:
and (equally good)
Phoenix Wright:

South Park (can you believe it?):

Have fun or post other parodies you find on there.