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>Popularity Contests [SaiGAR/Moe] - Shitsux
>Ronery/Real-life related threads that show off your faggotry - Shitsux
>Scaring all the witty oldfags away - Honestly, wtf are you guys doing?
>Barely safe for work threads - I'd rather go to /e/ and /h/ for these.

Just a few of the things that tick me off. I liked 4chan better a year or two ago. Now it's just moe-faggotry and popularity contests. My main problem is the newfags. I usually don't say anything about them, but when you assholes REFUSE TO LURK it becomes a problem. Then theres the shitty taste in anime. It's either the ones with good taste just refuse to post, or abandoned /a/ completely with the oldfags. Stop being shitty, /a/. I know you have some funny in you.