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Here's another "Rate my Anime Club" thread.

I am the sole female in and in charge of my club, which is small, only about 8 regular members. I make all the decisions about what to show, and though ask I might, no one makes any suggestions. My members are all mostly freshman and fairly n00bish, having seen only things like Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. I run my club with two rules: 1. I will never show anything that has aired on Cartoon Network and 2. I will never show the same thing twice. I will only show the first four episodes of any series; if someone is interested in watching the rest, they can download it from the FTP server that I run from my computer here on campus, which I provide for the benefit of my club only. This way I make it easier for people to get anime since most of them do not know what BT or IRC is, and would end up watching it on Youtube if I let them (ugh).

I try to give my members a sampling of what's popular in Japan, both the good and the bad (hence the Lucky Star, which I don't think many people liked but I thought was necessary to show). I introduced them to niconico, I show them the latest news and internet memes (like Nice Boat) so that they can understand what's going on in the anime world. Some of them depend on me solely to provide them with all their anime needs, while some others can use the Internet and find out things for themselves, so I have to cater to both audiences. With this in mind, /a/, rate my showings this semester.

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
Darker than Black
Gurren Lagann
Yugioh season 0 (the one where Kaiba has green hair)
Love Hina Xmas special (at the last meeting in Dec)
Lucky Star
Jigoku Shoujo (at Halloween meeting)
Death Note marathon (only second half for those people who stopped watching after LADIES)
FREEDOM OVA (the Cup Noodle advertisement)
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo