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~~Hardships of being a anime club president in a sea of narutards and newfags~~

l (8:17:45 PM): so what are we watching tonight?
f (8:17:57 PM): Clannad
l (8:18:10 PM): whats that one about
l (8:19:13 PM): oh i found it
f (8:19:16 PM): School Drama/Comdey along the lines of Air and Kannon
l (8:19:27 PM): you really like this little girl animes don't you
f (8:19:48 PM): wtf, this is the first one I'm showing this semester >.>
l (8:20:01 PM): except the last one i was at
f (8:20:29 PM): Sayonara Zenbutso Sensei was NOT a little girl anime
l (8:20:43 PM): except for all the little girls in it
l (8:20:51 PM): comprising most of the casst
f (8:21:33 PM): I'm just running down the list of the most popular animes of winter 07 ~ spring 08
l (8:22:02 PM): can you sort by age group
f (8:22:40 PM): Watching Naruto and Bleach every meeting is not my idea of a successful anime club
l (8:23:04 PM): i was really hoping there would be more stuff on par with the quality of death note to be seen
f(8:23:24 PM): There hasn't been anything like Death Note since well.. Death Note
l (8:23:37 PM): and ghost in the shell
f (8:23:49 PM): We showed Baccano last week
f (8:23:55 PM): That was all action
l (8:24:21 PM): figures i miss the good one