Finding a childhood series

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sup /a/

Back in the nineties, perhaps even before pokemon, I remember seeing a series that sort of shocked me cause I was young but was awesome at the same time. Wanna hlep me find it?

I only saw one episode, i'll summarise:

It was an apocalitic series, Earth was being invaded by an alien insect-like race which of course have some evil king leader. A notable part being the fact that they hat build a huge ring around Earth, from which insect/monster badguys would grow/spawn and attack. The good guys were your average group of heroes with power that somehow made them awesome and..powerful. One of them betrayed the other and fights the main character but loses, he reports back to his evil lord saying that with more training he could beat him (rivalry, y'know). The King put him in some sort of cocoon to accomplish this.
The episode ends with Earth's forces (aircraft carriers) getting pwned by the bad guys. With the supporting characters getting all depressed while the hero lies hospitalised from teh fight.

The animation was very Sunrise like, the same channel also aired Gundamn Wing. I already went through their list on wikipedia but no luck.

Brainstorming time /a/.

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