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There's something I don't understand. Of all the Espada we've seen so far, Ulquiorra's fucking untouchable, and probably would barely be forced to release if he went up against one of the mid-tier captains like Kenpachi or Mayuri. We don't have a good judge of Nnoitra's capabilities, besides his insane defensive power, but he seems to be quite a bit weaker than Ulquiorra, though he's obviously stronger than Grimmjow. Grimmjow released went equal with Ichigo's Hollow mask, so he's obviously pretty goddamn powerful. Zomari has that batshit hypnosis ability that would've beaten anybody except Byakuya, Szayel has OVER 9000 abilities, and would've beaten anybody except Mayuri. Even Arruniero had that crazy absorption ability going and probably would've easily killed Rukia if he weren't a fucking idiot.

Then that leaves this fag, who seems to make a living out of getting the crap beat out of him. Yet, he hasn't died yet in an arc where Espada are dropping like flies.

This just leaves me to ask...what the fuck?