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Let me begin by drawing a parallel between the concepts of GAR and moe. On first sight it would appear that they are equivalent, the respective pinnacles of each gender. However, what does it take for a female to be moe? A cute appearance and matching personality, something which should be protected and cherished, something you want to hold in your arms. Yet, all these traits are meaningless. To be moe is to be born moe, it requires no more effort than breathing to persist with your worldly existence. GAR, on the other hand is not something one is born with. GAR is forged through troubled youth, worldly grief and hardship. To be GAR one must dare storms, climb mountains, face his nemesis without hesitation. GAR builds up over years and years, withstanding pain, overcoming obstacles, fighting for that which is worth fighting for. The select few individuals that can be considered GAR are beacons of manliness, shining in the night to guide all mankind towards a better future.