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How the american anime market can be saved. QUIT RELYING ONE THE DVDS! Even the stupid weaboos are going to catch on sooner or later that 40 dollars for three episodes is a rip off. What does that leave, television? Good start but no television station in their right mind would put anime in any reasonable time slot. The only one that plays anime is cartoon network and thats late at night. You might get luck with some random anime on other channels. The anime network is a fucking failure. Never heard of the anime network? I wouldn't be suprised BECAUSE NO ONE FUCKING GETS IT!

Now think really hard as to whats left.......give up, i'll give you more time.......IT'S FUCKING ONLINE YOU FAGOTS. Your average TV watcher doesn't give a shit about anime and you don't want them. Anyone who is into anime is going to be on the computer. If anime was online and a decent quality video I would pay for it. But this plan also relies on the next one. GET SHIT THATS UP TO DATE. Guess what Haruhi isn't the latest fucking thing to come out of japan. If I buy one more newtype usa issue and it's cover to cover haruhi I'm going to fucking hurt someone. They also need to get over their phobia of subtitles. Not every fucking anime needs to be dubbed thus reducing the majority of ear bleeding dubs. Take all of these talented fan subbers and make them legitimate and give them jobs.