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Maebara Keichi. This young man is a main character in the popular visual sound novel and anime series Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Keiichi is at first inspection an ordinary high school student, but upon further inspection, one will realize that he is in fact GAR as hell. Keiichi’s GAR comes not from his looks or his physical fitness, which are both excellent, but instead mainly from his power with words. Let us look at some of his GAR traits.
1. Rallying people to his cause: On more than one occasion, Keiichi speaks in front of a crowd of people and convinces them of their inability and rallies them to his side against injustice. His magic words help the people of Hinamizawa overcome archaic prejudices.
2. Moral Support: In the world of Higurashi, circumstances often appear extremely negative, and there appears to be no hope. However, Keiichi often gives supporting words to his friends, and convinces them not to give up hope. Keiichi is not afraid of the future, and does take concepts like fate lightly.
3. Self Sacrifice: Not only is Keiichi is willing to give up his life in order to save his friends, but he allows his friends to take out their rage on himself in order to calm their murderous intent. A notable example occurs when Sonozaki Shion begins to go berserk and wants to kill Houjou Satoko’s uncle. Keiichi refuses to let her do so, and lets Shion hit him on the head with a chair in order to calm her rage.
Besides these three main points, Keiichi is also very attractive to females, and has many women in his harem. He also has decent fighting skill with weapons like a baseball bat or golf club, and is know to use these weapons to fight beautiful schoolgirls on top of buildings that are rigged to explode only seconds away! Although he is often accused of being a lolicon, the fact remains that Keiichi is in fact extremely GAR, and that is why I ask you to vote for him in SaiGAR 2008!

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