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In college I figured out I was never going to be able to do the dating thing. Too hard on me.

I liked this girl in my physics class who was a room mate of one of my friend's girlfriends. On valentines day (lol, appropriate story) I went to give her a small bouquet of flowers but she wasn't in her room. I left them with her room mate and told her to just give them to her when she came back. The next day in class I asked her if she liked the flowers and she said, and I'll never forget this, "I don't know why you gave those to me, but I'm not interested in you as more than a friend."

So I tried to act cool and said I know, I was just being friendly.

I guess that's what I get for trying to be nice one time.


Anon who posted this: not all women are mean bitches like that one! Plenty of girls would love to receive such a sweet gift. Don't lose hope!