A Winter Night

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These cold days just keep coming――
Haruka is worried about the prince's condition.

A sore throat, a sluggish body――
do you have any signs of a cold?

All of a sudden, you appeared at our house of only girls,
Our prince――

Surely there are plenty of things you have yet to adjust to, right?
Even so, all of us are in high spirits,
wanting you to play with us every day――.

That's why――
please be careful no to catch the cold bug at a time like this.♥

It can't be helped that those girls
always want to play with their kind onii-chan.
That's why, you don't need to diligently be their partner every time.
Your body might not be able to take it!
It's fine to refuse once in awhile,
if you're busy, just say so.♥
Haruka will make sure to listen to you.

And so,
if you get tired, take it easy―― Haruka will bring you some tea to help you relax.♥

But you know――
I have a bit of a confession.

For example, when I'm in the kitchen――
and I see you playing with those little girls
with all your might,
once in awhile, something deep inside my chest will tighten――


Like that.

At that time――
Ahh, the prince really cares about us from the bottom of his heart.
Our kind person――
the kindest person in the entire world
our prince is such an lovely person.

Ahh, I'm so very grateful to god!

Tonight, for the prince
I'll make something warm to drink to revitalize you.♥

So that our prince will continue to be healthy.
How about some hot and sweet red wine?