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So I bought volume 1 of Blue Dragon (renamed Ral Grad by SJ) because I'm a fag for Obata's artwork. I remember that, when this initially came out, Anon swept it under the rug after the boobs thing cooled.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the main character Ral is a boy who's been sheltered all his life and forced inside some bubble...demon thing. He's possessed by a dragon who lives in his shadow. Though imprisoned, he's fed daily and instructed by some big-titted woman named Mio. When he's released, he fondles her boobs and decides to save the world ...for boobs.

So win, right? I liked the first volume, but I don't see the manga getting much attention. Is it worth reading all the way through?

(in b4 'lol buying manga')

tl;dr win or fail