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I understand this will cause some drama between the people who voted for Kino but I have decided to have a re-do for the Alucard, November 11 and Kino battle. As I said before, I didn't feel that this match was rigged with proxy votes until I realized as I was checking the IP addresses. You see when a person agrees to vote, they are given a code, that code isn't only to stop the people who refresh and vote again, but to see that peer's IP address and as I was checking each one, I found out that 4 people were doing this from the numbers they had. So for example, a peer's IP address could be 434.392.291, well I saw those same IP addresses but the thing about it was the last digit changed, so instead of 434.392.291, it was 434.392.292 then 434.392.292. I have banned those IP's and now with a friend, we are going to make sure that future matches will not like this again. The rematch of Alucard, November 11 and Kino will be hosted tomorrow, I'll have to change the dates again but I feel that I must do this to have a fair match up for all.