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>North American anime distributer ADV Films announced yesterday that they had sold the rights of dubbing Gainax's Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann to that of 4Kids for a whopping $1.4 million. All audios containing the original ADV dub have been scrapped in order to stop any leaks onto the internet. Gurren-Lagann, in whatever way, shape, or form it takes with this new twist, will air this fall on 4Kids's Saturday morning cartoon lineup.
>Coming this fall on 4Kids TV: In a future bleak and dusty, two brothers fight for survival. Simon and Cameron were simple kids living in an underground village, until a strange robot fell through the roof and exposed them to the surface world. There, they find two robots: Grand and Wagon. When fused together, they become Grand-Wagon, better known as DRILLBOT. With Drillbot's power, they must take on the evil Twist Kingdom ruled by the malicious Twist Lord. However, Simon and Cameron are not alone. Along their journey, they meet a girl named Kate who's a real sharpshooter, a boy named Kevin who is particularly stubborn, and a tech-wizard by the name of Leeroy. Can the Drillteam beat the Twist Kingdom? Only time will tell!