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Hello /a/

I would like to say that a fake has been using my name to say that I used proxies to have Kino win, of course I think she looks like Pat and I can't vote for something that can't figure out it's own gender, but I am sorry if everyone was hurt from the cruel and shameful words that were said, I wanted November to win because he was truly MANLY who died a MANLY death, I don't like these rigged votes and I hope this doesn't continue to happen and SaiGAR fixes this soon, but if that does not happen and I do lose to Kaiji, I just want to say that It doesn't matter, I have beaten Dio for my love Haruka...I think that's enough, but I am not giving up until it's truly over, I hope Kaiji and I have a glorious fight that will be remembered forever..

Love, Hosaka.