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First of all /a/ i would like to say that i have enjoyed anime for over 10 years.

However recently it has gone to shit, poor fansub quality, poor animation quality, even poor still frame quality. Not to mention shit poor writing, then the incesant whining of fanboys/girls talking about this or that chara being so kawaii^^.
Ive fucking had it with watching you fuckers argue about which moemoe is more moe and who you would turn gay for.

You little screencaps and fan art are shit and are not humorous whatsoever. All anime except the very small few are shit, were talking less than 1% of it is worth watching. After following sites like tokyotosho and animesuki for the best part of a year downloading shit and putting up with your fansub drama ive had enougth.

No longer can I tolerate moe charas, no longer can i enjoy gar moments or mindasploding set pieces. Im sick to the back teeth of it all.

Goodbye /a/ and good riddens, I hope you realise the anime for the rotten festering pool of puss it is. as i have.

I will now proceed to delete all this shit off my computer.

Anonymous of London, South.

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