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>ef - the first tale is being fansubbed by No Name Losers.

>All three phases will run concurrently. It is our hope that by doing so, we are able to complete this project in a timely manner. We are simply tired of the post-translation phases and excuses that plague many other visual novel translation projects. Our ultimate goal is to have a release before ef - the latter tale comes out in Japan. That's right, we want to finish this in a span of only four months.

>Do not purchase ef - the first tale with the intent of applying a patch to it. We are unable to circumvent the numerous copy-protection schemes for this title. Therefore, our current plan is to release a ~1.8 GB standalone. Yes, this goes against the ethics of virtually every other visual novel fansub group. However, this project is not a joint effort with insani, and we are free to do whatever we please.

>What makes our digital video fansubs any different than a game fansub? Was there a critical backlash when the first digital video fansubs surfaced on the Internet? We were pioneers in releasing the first full-length visual novel fansub, and we may be pioneers again by taking this course of action. Few digital video fansubbers demand that people purchase R2 DVDs. Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that this standard should not be any different for game fansubs. Any argument otherwise would be contradictory and selfish.