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The more I skim through Negima LA's episode, the more I convince myself that's to date the best character to come out of that otherwise preferably forgettable trainwreck.
It's not much of a likeliness or impersonation matter, but a personal enlightement I had whilst watching her acting: somehow, she seems like being the only one having a vague grasp of how to correctly behave while on set and address her lines in a convincing way. Not to mention that her voice, albeit being too much deep and unfit for Yue, is nonetheless well characterized and fits along with her in a quite endearing way.
So, yeah, say whatever you want about the series as a whole but I reckon her being a pretty talented girlie, my actual only grouse as of now being: how did she end up in that bunch of tongue slapping morons, the first of them being Ku fucking Fei?