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This is Sabrac. The most feared Tomogara in the world who killed some of the strongest Guze no Ou and Flame Hazes to ever exist. There is one spell which make any wound sabrac inflicts impossible to heal so most of the victims bleeds to death, he has a large collection of swords which he control remotely to attack opponents in large numbers (like Gilgamesh from fate stay/night), he never run out of POE so he can fight on full power indefinitely, any blow that hit him won't damage him.he can attack all the opponents within a certain area (many kilometers) at the same time so u can't really gang up on him, and his can hide his attacks, not even yuji can sense them. he is good at hiding his presence so not even yuji can locate him. most of the time the opponents can't even find him and can't avoid the attacks that seems to have came from nowhere, and they can't heal the wound so they bleeds to death.