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After watching SDF Macross I realised that Ranka is nothing but a clone of Lynn Minmay, I mean, come on, they're both aspiring singers at the start who work at the Nyan-Nyan restuarant, then they achieve their dreams etc.

At least Sheryl brings something new to the table with her personality, plus Alto's drifted away slightly from Ranka because of Brera, and judging from episode eighteen's events and ninteen's preview at the Saotome mansion, it looks like Alto's getting closer to Sheryl.

Also, note how Brera's cockblocking Alto as much as Kaifun did with Hikaru.

SDF Macross was pretty much MINMAY END CONFIRMED for almost all the episodes and Hikaru ended up going for Misa which he seemed to have little interest for most of the time.

So come on Sheryl End, there's still eight episodes to turn this around. SDF did it in pretty much the second from last episode.

Fuck it, I'll settle for a Klan x Michael end.