Gunslinger Girls

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How could this anime be feminist friendly and still maintain it’s pop appeal?

1. The writers could have developed their characters in a more empowering way. The power was in the hands of male assassins. The idea that some males have control of a bunch of little girls only perpetuates the notion in Japanese culture that it is normal to exploit little girls. The idea is not very unique and is used frequently in anime. Most of the time little boys are rebellious and earn their power as opposed to it being bestowed upon them. As mentioned in previous critiques, whenever a female's power is bestowed, it is viewed as less powerful than the type of power that is fought for. In many instances in pop media, men are only bestowed power through family legacy. The men who are bestowed power through legacy are never as heroic as those who earn it by fighting for it. Some men are even stereotyped as weak if they don't fight for their power. After all, bestowing power is reserved for females, right?