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Since the DNS is now back up, here are some guidelines to making /a/ a better place for everyone. READ THIS CAREFULLY, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.

- Keep discussion related to a series in ONE THREAD. No, we DO NOT NEED 9 threads of series X on the front page at all times. You are just hogging up space from other subjects, and you're making the place worse for everyone.
- If you see an obvious trolling/spamming thread, sage & report it with an appropriate message, like "Keep it in one thread" or "Keep obvious trolling out of this board".
- Roulette threads are classified as "post ending in"-bullshit by mods and are a bannable offense. Sage & report on sight.
- Use sage wisely. Sage does not make threads go lower, it just means that it won't be bumped to top. Using sage is appropriate for trolling/spamming threads because you are merely telling the thread creator that his/her thread is unwanted/against the rules.
- Respect other people. If you see a thread about a series you don't like, don't post "shit sucks". If you want to express your opinion about the series, do it in a civil way or just ignore the thread. This does not count if the thread in question is the nth thread about the same series on the front page. In this case, report and sage with "Keep it in one thread." Also, specific note: Sage and report Naruto/Bleach related discussion. The reason for this is because these two never end and they have a humongously retarded fanbase. If we give them a finger, they'll take the whole hand, and they will stick around because the series are endless, thus we shouldn't allow them here at all.

That's pretty much it.