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Yesterday I finished marathoning the fluff that is Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and today I finished TOKYO REVELATIONS. (lololol slowpoke.jpg)

To tell you guys the truth, I was not ready for that.

I watched my waifu go all Lara Croft as she fought serpents and sand worms, getting her ass kicked in the process, (The typical, expected miracles from season 1 and filler 2 didn't happen here. D:) and ultimately, slipping off a cliff and impaling her leg.

I BAAAAAAW'd through the entire thing.

To top it all off, CCS Sakura appeared out of nowhere.


Still, I'm looking forward to watching my waifu kick some ass, Syaoran vs. evil(?) Syaoran, and some Fai and Kurogane buttsecks.