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So /a/, I recently marathoned Shigofumi, and I loved it. Pretty much all the episodic stories (even the silly cat one) made me tear up to a degree, which is a great achievement considering how rarely I get any actual emotions while watching anime. Especially episode 10, oh god. BAWWWWW.

It was pretty sad that the main story didn't live up to the episodic stories, though. It wasn't really bad or anything, but it just didn't make me really react to it like the other stories did. I'd love if the series had been twice longer with more episodic content.

The soundtrack is also absolutely beautiful and fits the series great (except FUCK ALI PROJECT, the generic ALI project shit OP doesn't fit the show at all). The whole feeling I got from the series was something similar to what I feel when watching Shinkai movies. Sad, but beautiful, I'd say.

Anyway, what did /a/ think of Shigofumi?