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Round 23: Fake Siblings

Lelouch, Jerimiah, Kallen, Gino, Anya arrived at the political hall. Rolo dies due to a heart failure because he stopped time for too long and for too many people. The Emperor catches C.C. and recovers her memory. The Emperor also reveals that Nunally is not Lelouch's real sister.

Round 24: The truth of 9 years ago

Lelouch and Jerimiah goes to Kaminejima, C.C., Nunally (what the fuck?), Schneizel, Cornelia goes there too. The Emperor begins the god killing ceremony and reveals the truth behind Mariannes death and the relationship between Lelouch and Nunally.

Round 25: The Day The Devil King Dies

Lelouch finds out the truth, but Nunally is still his only worry. To keep the promise with Nunally, Lelouch decides to kill god himself. Everything ends with the destruction of God.

Unconfirmed spoilers.