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Let me express my thought to fags who STILL think Suzaku is to blame for this crap. ok, Suzaku was fully awared that he has his geass. But that has nothing to do with being force to fire Freya.

He was in the middle of the battle for his life! He was fighting against an overwhelming opponents who has a hax mech with 60% compatibility pilot. He was at the blink of his death, and his last thought was translated: "I see.. its ok, may be this is how it suppose to be". Then Geass kicked in and woot KABOOM.

Suzaku didn't has a choice from the very start. He can not run away from battle risking Nunnally being taken away, more over.. Kallen would fucking kill him if he tries anyway! He is the ONLY Britania hope to stop that stolen red monster. The one who made all the decision to the cause of this NUKE in this episode is noone other than Lelouch. He geassed Suzaku. He knows full well that Suzaku has Geass to Live. He ordered Kallen to KILL Suzaku. What do you fucking think would happen? OFCOURSE THE GEASS WOULD TRIGGERS!!

BUT BAWWWWW Lelouch didn't know that Suzaku has a fucking Nuke? Too bad, thing doesn't go as Keikaku and it is ALWAYS the case. For the love of Christ. Lelouch killed Shirley's dad (and over 9000 other craps), may be we should blame that on Kallen too? Because he was MANIPULATED by Lelouch to cause the land slide? Of course not! Its the faggot Lelouch's fault! His keikaku went wrong, and thats the consequences. Exactly the same thing happens here, Suzaku got MANIPULATED (worse yet CONTROLLED) by Lelouch's faggot Geass to NUKE THE SHIT!, who else can we blame other than Lelouch.

Fuck you lelouch, Sayoko's death is on you. Curse your fucking army.