Powerpuff Girls Z

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Well, that was unexpected.
I was sifting through channels, when I found that Cartoon Network (Latin America signal, mind you) is airing PPGZ.
Not so bad, the concept is still uninteresting, but it has the novelty factor.
What sticks out is the english dub. For fucksake, why couldn't they just use the original voice actors, and do something that doesn't feels like a unsynched old martial arts movie mess. Maybe they will fix it when it airs stateside, but who knows...

Had to switch to the spanish dub, for the first time in years. There we go, much better. They use the same cast from the original dub, and they pull it off. Feels natural and in character, or at least what you can expect from a cartoon.
Or maybe it's the nostalgia goggles that make me enjoy the original spanish dub better. Nope, it's just the bad voice acting. I liked the original english better than the mexican dub.

Well, you're warned when it airs in the states. It's not as much is lost anyway, and it's just another bad english dub in a long, long string of mediocre jobs.