truly the greatest piece of writing ever

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The makeup of all societies is that the substance of society consists of many fads, many layers of memes and popular trends. They create the identity of that society, making it unique and independent, a sovereign state between one society's fads and another's.

Fads in themselves are not totally corruptive and bad. In fact, one of the most popular fads, the internet, helped bring us a revolution in new information, and an ever growing evolution of technology. Increasing awareness, brought to you by what can easily be classified as a fad. Another, Youtube, the popular video website where one can view literally hundreds of thousands of videos and communicate with millions of users, can be considered a fad, and yet has revolutionized the way we give and take information over the internet.

Not to mention the hundreds of other popular websites like Wikipedia, Deviantart, Myspace, Drudge Report, Infowars, Urban Dictionary, YTMND, Ebaums World, and many others. And that's just on the internet.

Television before that was once thought to be merely a passing trend, that nobody would bother paying so much for a television set to watch shows when the radio was still king. But indeed, video certainly did kill the radio star, and the internet killed the television star.

We, the United States, as well as other countries, find ourselves incredibly awash in so many trends, fads, fashions, and memes, that it's difficult for us to find where truth ends, and fads begin.