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Konata: Killed at Stalingrad when her platoon was caught in the Stalingrad pocket. Attempted to commit suicide before being shot in the chest by a Russian Sniper, and bleeds to death several hours later.
Kagami: Killed in action at Kursk when her command tank bogged down and was hit by a T-34.
Tsukasa: Attempted to flee back to Germany, but was captured by the Armia Krajowa. Shot in an abandoned schoolhouse and buried in an unmarked grave 15 miles southeast of Lublin.
Miyuki (not pictured): Surrenders to the Russians in late 1942. Offers military secrets and plans in exchange for her life. Sent to a gulag in Central Siberia despite selling out military information, where she works until 1947, when she dies due to malnutrition and exhaustion.