My Confession

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Dear /a/,

I have a confession to make. I love Lucky Star from episode 1 to last and I'm one of the devoted fans of the series. Though it's kinda natural for a 19 year old female like myself to watch this kind of show but because of Hiiragi Kagami~n, the main character of Lucky Star, I'm starting to doubt my own sexuality. I can't really describe my feelings in words but every time I watch her in embarrassing situations, my heart skips a beat, every time I watch her get angry or jumps for joy, my heart raises and my face turns red. "What's this feeling I'm having?", I asked myself one day but couldn't find the answer. I went to /u/ because they discuss her a lot and told them my dilemma and to my surprise, all of them said I am a blooming lesbian. I was shocked at first but came to realize that becoming a lesbian is my embodiment of my love to Kagami~n.

19 year old female lesbian a few minutes ago.