Are you a Narutard?

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Long list incoming, so wait 'til it's finished.

My thesis: You probably are.

Here's how you figure it out:

*10 points just for reading this
*2 points each time you execute the hand movements for jutsus (take your daily average and use that)
- +5 points if you can figure out your daily average in less than 10 seconds
- Just round off to 30 points if your answer is "lol too many to count"
*5 points for owning a headband
- +5 points if you have ever worn in it public
- +5 points if you wear it around your waist or neck
- +5 points if you scratched a line through it
- +5 points if you wore it as part of a cosplay outfit
- +5 points if you glared at someone wearing a different village's headband
- +5 points if you confronted them
- +5 points if it's from the mist village
*5 points for each forum you go to with the intent of posting about Naruto
- +2 per 200 posts you have on those forums
- +5 if your username includes the name of a character
- +3 if your location reads "____ Village"
- +5 points for each bit of personal info that references Naruto
*10 points if you thought "the correct term is 'Sastard'"
*1 point per volume of the manga you own
- +1 point per volume not purchased in the USA
*1 point per DVD you own
- +2 points per DVD that doesn't have the english dub as an option