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is it just me or does this shit fucking suck? flat ass characters, corny adaptations of tired mystery plots, campy 90's japanese (as if McGiver were way too badass). and i can't get past the completely pseudo intellectual presentation of the archeology (the ONLY thing original about this). the history/science is complete fucking baby food. geared toward mean in their 20's and 30's my ass! BABY FOOD! but it's dressed up by means of drawn-out explanatory dialog, fabricated surprise, enforced audience interest, etc to be so over the top that it even sounds fucking pedantic! and i never thought i'd see some japanese asshole name dropping types of breads and cheeses to sound more european. we get it, you're trying to tell us he knows about beer! to an audience that grew up in a western culture, this anime is a joke that's not even cute- it's lame and annoying. gave it a generous 11 episodes. moving on to Monster. better be good- you assholes told me this director was worth it.