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/a/ I have a confession.

I don't hate Suzaku anymore.

Yeah, his idiotic paradox reasoning in Season 1 was horrid, and I hated him for that, but just listen, please...

Season 2 he's gained quite an advantage, but he remained a douchebag pretty early. He also loses points for only suspecting that Lelouch = Zero.. AGAIN.

Yet, he slowly became more tollerable, this, to me, started happening when he started losing patience with the bullshit of other idiots. And after last week's episode, where he almost agreed to protect Nunnaly, and forsake his position (or USE his position of power to do it, very smart move), The thing is, he WILL NOT use the nuke, he can't kill himself, the innocent Japanese just because of a "lol die elevens!" order from up top. An order to do so is an order to switch sides.

Suzaku has always wanted what Lelouch wanted, a secure and stable Japan, he just chose the other route (the idealistic route). But I feel he's about fed up with this bullshit of the Emprah. If he doesn't join Lelouch's side, he'll at least join Cornelia's "Go Team Vengence!" side (assuming she doesn't go Black Knight either).

So please, he's getting better, give him a break! (or give him some time to prove he's not the HUEG faggot he used to be!)