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Hey /a/

So I blame a friend of me for getting me addicted to /a/ a few months ago. I used to be a /b/tard but, I dunno, the same stupid memes just stopped being funny.

Anywho, my friend who got me addicted to /a/ also tends to recommend a lot of anime to me, and most of them turn out to be pretty good. Out of our group of friends, the two of us are the only ones with any real taste in anime (ie: we watch more than just Naru-shit and Bleach).

However, I am concerned. My friend
1 - watches almost all of his anime streamed from Veoh.
2 - is a moralfag. ie: he says shit like "I think shows like Kodomo no Jikan are crossing the line. Shows like that shouldn't be legal. . . "

So I don't know what to do. How do I smarten him up? Honestly, I watch quite a bit of animu, but he watches threefold what I do, and can pick out some pretty good series.