Geass, the best show evar?!?!

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Some guy on my message board wrote this after I criticized Code Geass' bad writing:

believe what you want but the general consensus is that code is probly one of the most well pu together series out there right now, im not saying its the best or my favorite becuase its not, yes its considered main stream, who cares. main stream CAN be good. just becuase you dont like the fact that the series enjoys waiting for the last moment for things to come together isnt a fault in the series, its the fact that you want to know everything before the series is coming to a close. then the real question comes up, who the hell would watch a series they can figure out within the first 10 episodes, not many people. whether or not this series is "comlicated" doesnt matter, it just means you have to watch a series from the start and pay attention, heaven forbid.